Gadget Cares

Gadget Cares stands for inclusion, respect and considerate interaction with each other that recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and respects their personal boundaries.

It is important to us that EVERYONE feels safe and comfortable at all times!

That is why the following principles apply at all of our concerts and festivals, as well as in our daily interactions:

  • Mutual acceptance and respect
  • Yes means yes – that’s all!
  • Personal boundaries must be respected
  • Discrimination will not be tolerated

We are also happy to help you before or after events: 



Green Gadget

Green Gadget is the sustainability program of Gadget Entertainment Group AG. This program brings together all measures for making our engagements as a 360° music agency more sustainable and for reducing our ecological footprint.

Committed to sustainability

Green Gadget is the new sustainability program of Gadget Entertainment Group AG. This program brings together all measures for making our engagements as a 360° music agency more sustainable and for reducing our ecological footprint. Together with our launch and sustainability partner SENN and the expertise of our implementation partner myclimate, following an initial CO2 analysis, a multi-year plan of measures is being developed to bring the events and cultural industry closer to achieving the ambitious goal of net-zero emissions.

As a 360° music agency, our ambition is to act responsibly at every step along the value chain. As its mission statement says, Gadget’s vision is as follows:

«As a player with a central role in civil society and the economy that operates in the cultural and entertainment industry and has a high sense of responsibility and mission towards our environment and society, and above all towards future generations, sustainable profitability is a key focus of our actions. In line with our position as a role model, we want to serve as an inspiration and promote awareness of sustainable action. To this end, we want to influence all stakeholders, especially suppliers, artists, partners and visitors.»

The launch of Green Gadget marks the realization of and compliance with this undertaking. Together with Green Gadget’s launch partner SENN and myclimate, a comprehensive CO2 analysis of all areas and fields of work of the Gadget Entertainment Group AG is being carried out as part of a sustainability strategy. Based on this, a multi-year plan of measures – including a CO2 reduction roadmap – is being developed, which will define specific objectives, projects, areas for improvement and communication options in relation to Gadget’s sustainable operations – specifically tailored to the individual business areas. In order to raise awareness among the various stakeholders, Green Riders will also be created for all gadget streams, which will summarise and set minimum standards for collaboration. A matter of particular importance is the transparent publication of annual monitoring and reporting, which will allow third parties to ascertain whether targets have been met. This will enable us – in collaboration with partners – to maximize our positive influence on the environment while minimizing our negative impact on it. Our concrete target to implement as part of the launch of Green Gadget over the next five years are:

  • A CO2 analysis and an action plan in collaboration with myclimate
  • The creation of a new sustainability manager position
  • The introduction of monitoring and reporting that transparently shows the commitment of Gadget
  • Full awareness of the topic among our stakeholders through the launch and our sustainability partner SENNThe introduction of Green Riders for stakeholders


After many years of commitment as an innovation partner at OpenAir St.Gallen, SENN is sustainably expanding on its commitment as a sustainability and launch partner of Green Gadget.

«Sustainability concerns all of us – especially the next generations, who will feel the impact of our actions. So those young people can continue to celebrate with music in the future, we owe it to them to use our resources responsibly. Gadget will play a pioneering role here and SENN is pleased to support the company in this endeavor.», says Johannes Senn.

With many years of experience, myclimate is the perfect implementation partner for Gadget to have by its side.

«We are thrilled to be at Gadget’s side in the next stage for a more sustainable event and culture sector and to build on our many years of experience with OpenAir St.Gallen. Gadget combines responsible action with enthusiasm and joie de vivre and sends a strong signal for a climate-friendly future.», says Kai Rassmus Landwehr, Head of Marketing at myclimate.

As a 360° music agency, Gadget spans the entire value chain in the event and culture sector. Green Gadget aims to minimise the negative impact associated with bringing people together. Gadget is delighted that SENN and myclimate are helping to tackle these ambitious goals and implement sustainable measures together over the coming years. To maximise the impact of the sustainable commitment, even more partners will be involved in Green Gadget in the future.

«It is a great opportunity for Gadget Entertainment Group AG to work with our innovative partners from SENN and myclimate to lead our company into a more sustainable future and to make it more environmentally friendly in all areas. We aim to lead as a first mover – with a long-term plan for our employees, partners and artists, because we truly believe that this can only be achieved together,» says Christof Huber, Member of the Executive Board of Gadget Entertainment Group AG.

Press release 14/12/2023
Emissions Report 2022
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Take a Stand

Gadget is part of Take a Stand. Launched by the European Festivals Association, yourope is a movement to create awareness and tolerance for all. Everyone is welcome, irrespective of their culture, gender, religion, sexual orientation, skin colour and origin!

However, Take a Stand is also an ambassador for the European idea and its values, and it wants to show that it is possible to bring a wide variety of people together peacefully. Gadget wants to take on a socially relevant role and commit itself to freedom and exchange – and, in doing so, sustainably inspire future generations and society as a whole.