What We Do

Everything Music – as a 360° agency in the Swiss music and events industry, we are the creative force behind unique acts and incomparable live experiences. We see ourselves as a team that works in the background with a common vision of opening the door to the world of music for everyone. We are one of Switzerland’s leading concert and festival organizers, with our activities covering exactly this area – and we work behind the scenes for those big moments on-stage.

With 500 shows, six festivals, and our acts, we enable some 600,000 visitors to enjoy unforgettable live experiences each year, launch the careers of emerging artists, and support them on their way from small gigs to big stages. Our team develops new events and innovative concepts for and with partners, supports them with specific brand partnerships, and is also active in the recording business, with our own label and publishing house. Gadget is also active in the hospitality, sponsoring, marketing, communication, consulting, event management and production sectors.

We deliver an overarching music experience and lasting memories across the entire spectrum of the music industry. For Gadget, music is love and music is life – 24/7. While not visible at first glance, we are there as a small and refined component in the background, and without us, Switzerland’s music would not be what it is today.

Gadget – everything music

Facts and Figures

  • 60+ employees
  • 3 company locations in Zurich, St. Gallen and Bern
  • 500+ shows per year
  • 11 festivals (6 own and 5 commissioned)
  • 10+ artists under contract or acted for

We always act in a customer-oriented, innovative, creative, and dynamic way that is on the cutting edge. We place great importance on tolerance, acceptance and cultural diversity. As a team with clear attitudes, convictions, and a considerable sense of responsibility towards our environment and society, sustainable profitability is at the heart of what we do – ecologically, socially and economically. Our ambition is to act responsibly at every step along the value chain. More about our vision, our mission and our core values can be found in our mission statement.


The foundation for the Gadget Entertainment Group was laid back in 1994. Artist management and booking were the backbone of the fledgling company. From 2005 onwards – in addition to the in-house label and publishing house – the Live Entertainment and Entertainment Marketing divisions were gradually established and expanded. In 2020, the companies in the WePromote network that had been cooperating successfully for several years to organize OpenAir St.Gallen and other festivals and these companies’ partner agencies joined forces with CTS Eventim to form today’s Gadget Entertainment Group. The European industry leader CTS Eventim is the majority shareholder of the 360° music agency.

As one of the market leaders, the Gadget Entertainment Group supports end-to-end music experiences under a single flag in the areas of live entertainment, festivals, artist management (including label and publishing), event management, hospitality and brand partnerships, and plays a leading role in the Swiss entertainment market.

In the areas of communication, production and hospitality, we collaborate closely with our agency partners All in One Communication AG (AIO), Production Service AG (PSS) and You Are Special AG (YAS).

  • Shows and booking
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    Every year, we organize and arrange over 500 concerts throughout Switzerland – from intimate showcase concerts in clubs to spectacular open-air stadium shows. To do this, we book and organize numerous performances by Swiss artists whose careers we – as a booking agency – support closely, and we put together countless shows for renowned international artists.

    We also pay special attention to newcomers who are still waiting for their breakthrough and we closely support them from their first appearance to their headline show.

    Our shows

  • Festivals
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    From the newcomer festival in the clubs around Langstrasse to the largest sustainable festival in Switzerland, OpenAir St.Gallen. From family festivals on the idyllic shores of Lake Constance to the ‘most beautiful bay in Europe’ in Spiez. From a renowned festival in the heart of the old town of Schaffhausen to the exclusive Boutique Festival in the Landesmuseum next to Zurich Central Station.

    With its six own festivals and numerous booking commissions for third-party events, Gadget offers artists and partners attractive platforms and promises visitors unforgettable moments.

    In the country with the world’s largest density of festivals, we are strongly represented with a broad portfolio of events and can offer our partners individually arranged sponsorship opportunities.

    Our festivals

  • Events and hospitality
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    As a full-service agency, we design events of all shapes and sizes. To this end, we develop an individually tailored hospitality offer and provide the perfect musical accompaniment. Combining this approach with our years of experience and our vast network enables us to offer a complete solution with all-round support.

    We take care of everything an event needs, from the overall concept to the booking of the content, from F&B concepts and activities through to communication and visual implementation to security and technology. And we do all this as sustainably as possible.

    In the field of hospitality, we also offer complete solutions for shows and concerts. Our agency partners You Are Special – Events AG and PSS Productions AG support partners from planning through to implementation to bring exclusive experiences to life.

  • Artist management
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    We work with the most successful Swiss artists as well as promising talents, and we effectively promote the careers of our acts. Our flexible environment means that we can offer optimal and holistic support. Tailor-made promotion and career planning are essential for us. That’s why we consistently support and advise young artists on their journey.

    We combine booking and artist management, label and publishing, but also mediate specific collaborations between artists and music-loving brands and partners. Whether it’s a 360° model across the entire value chain or with a focus on individual sub-areas, Gadget offers musicians tailor-made concepts and sets up dedicated teams to ensure that the acts benefit from our network at home and abroad as much as they possibly can.

    Our artists

  • Label and publishing
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    In addition to supporting artists, Gadget has also had its own in-house label since 2005, which brings the music of selected artists to the market. This means that we can promote and establish the musicians sustainably and conscientiously. In Switzerland and around the world. In addition to publishing on its own label, Gadget also works closely with major international players.

    Part of Gadget Records is the affiliated publisher, which takes care of the copyrights and the management of over 1,000 titles. The catalog contains compositions by all acts on the label and other well-known national and international artists. These titles are actively marketed for the advertising and film industry in collaboration with brand partnerships.

  • Brand partnerships
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    Gadget advises and supports brands in how to strengthen their activities in the entertainment sector and how to find the best strategic positioning for them. With a focus on quality, authenticity and efficiency, emotional connections are made to the brands and lasting campaigns are developed and implemented. We create unique content for the respective target groups, bringing together brands and experiences, audiences and emotions.

    Our core skills lie in consulting, design and implementation. We motivate brands and jointly develop entertainment strategies and marketing activities. We create new worlds and the corresponding storytelling and then put the concepts into practice using our vast network. We also take care of all legal, communication and conceptual aspects.

  • Content creation
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    With our agency partner All in One Communication AG, we create target group-specific content for our partners. For this purpose, we have various artists, media platforms and content creators at our disposal.

    Through the interaction of artists, journalists and the communications advice provided by AIO, targeted content for the digital world is generated for partners.

Mission Statement


Gadget is the number 1 in the Swiss music and events industry with a clear stance and convictions. Gadget aims for long-term and profitable growth to strengthen its position and that of our stakeholders such as artists or partners. With a 360° offering in the entertainment sector, Gadget aims to continuously evolve, always customer-oriented, innovative, creative, dynamic, and in tune with the times.

As a civil society and economic player in the cultural and entertainment industry, with a high sense of responsibility towards our environment and society, economic viability from a sustainable perspective is a key focus of our actions. As a 360° music agency, we aim to act responsibly at every level of the value chain and take a stand on timely and societal issues.

Core Values

Personal, reliable and with integrity

We are a professional and trustworthy partner. The needs of our stakeholders are close to our hearts. We are close to our stakeholders and always respectful, open, and authentic.

We are a team

As a modern employer, we offer our employees first-class working conditions and social benefits. Employees are both challenged and supported. We cultivate an inclusive, constructive, and productive corporate culture.

Responsible and fair

We stand for acceptance and cultural diversity – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, or origin. We conduct our business with social responsibility and fairness. We have a high awareness of sustainability: ecologically, socially, and economically.

Dynamic and innovative

In a rapidly evolving environment, we act dynamically, customer-oriented, and with high-quality standards. Creativity, development, and innovation are important cornerstones of our work.

Sustainable and conscious

With our comprehensive commitment to our sustainability program Green Gadget, we stand for an entertainment industry with a future.

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