Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 & Wednesday, July 10, 2024
Letzigrund Stadion Zurich


14:30 Doors Early Entry
15:30 Doors General Admission
17:45 Paramore
19:00 Taylor Swift
22:15 End

Site Map

Site Map

Entrances B, C, and D are open.
Wheelchair accessible entrances are B and C.
Early Entry entrances: B, C, and D.

Please follow the information indicated on your ticket and listen to the loudspeaker announcements.

Arrival / Departure

Strongly Recommended: Travel to and from the event with public transportation.

We strongly recommend an early arrival using public transportation. Traveling by car will increase traffic congestion, which may result in a delayed arrival for the concert start.

The SBB will operate several extra trains for concertgoers and will enhance the capacity of numerous regular trains for both the outbound and return journeys.


Camping in front of the stadium is not allowed.


It is requested not to line up before 10:00 AM on the day of the show.


Entrances B, C, and D are open.
Wheelchair accessible entrances are B and C.
Early Entry entrances: B, C, and D.

Please follow the information indicated on your ticket and listen to the loudspeaker announcements.

Tickets / Entry

To enter the event, you need a valid concert ticket purchased from official Ticketcorner outlets.

Caution: If you bought your ticket from another provider, you might be denied entry.

Tickets for the Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour are entirely digital and personalized to the buyer. Tickets are delivered exclusively via the Ticketcorner App. You need this app to retrieve and present your tickets at the entrance. The entry code will be displayed shortly before the event.

Since the tickets are personalized to the buyer, all tickets are issued in the name of the purchaser. Only the named purchaser (main purchaser) on the ticket will be admitted to the concert. If a purchaser has bought multiple tickets, companions will only be admitted together with the main purchaser.

  • Entry Requirements
    A valid, official document (ID, passport, driver’s license) must be presented to enter the stadium. Copies of documents are not accepted.
  • The ticket will be electronically scanned at the entrance. The name on the ticket must match the name on the official document.
    Otherwise, entry to the stadium will be denied.

Important: Your mobile phone must be sufficiently charged to present the digital ticket. Please also note the rules regarding prohibited items, including power banks.


With Ticketcorner.Pass, you receive and manage your tickets digitally. Tickets are delivered exclusively via the Ticketcorner App. You need this app to retrieve and present your tickets at the entrance.

Tickets will be made available to you at a later date but in time for the events in the Ticketcorner App. To access your tickets, open the Ticketcorner App and tap on your event order under «My Events». Here you will see your barcodes for entry.

Please note: Screenshots of the barcode will not be accepted for entry.

Change Ticket Personalization
If you cannot attend the concert yourself, a personalization change is required. Only the original purchaser can initiate the personalization change. If only your companion is unable to attend, you can transfer the ticket to another person within the app – this will be possible in time before the concert.

Personalization changes/resales can be made up to 24 hours before the concert and only through fanSALE.

Ticket Transfer to Friends
Transferring tickets (within the Ticketcorner.Pass App) will be possible in time before the event.

Ticketcorner Help Center
For further assistance, please visit the Ticketcorner Help Center.

Prohibited items

Personal Items | Clothing

  • Any material or article of clothing, etc., capable of fully or partially obscuring the face, with the exception of medical masks and/or religious garments/wear, are allowed on the premises.
  • No clothing, costume, or personal effects that may impede the view of those around or behind you.
  • No handcuffs or other restraint items.
  • No animals (except for certified disability service animals).
  • No chains, chain wallets, studded jewelry, or spurs.
  • No bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates, Segways, or other unauthorized means of transportation.
  • No coolers, thermoses, metal water bottles, or ice chests.
  • No umbrellas.
  • No strollers.
  • No noise-making devices such as air horns, bells, bullhorns, thunder sticks, or whistles.
  • No briefcases, bags, luggage, purses larger than DIN A4 (21 x 29.7 cm).

Weapons | Dangerous Materials & Objects

  • No weapons of any kind (guns, ammo, knives of any size, tasers, pepper spray/mace, etc.). This also applies to off-duty law enforcement and concealed carry permit holders.
  • No flammables or missile-like objects, fireworks, road flares, emergency flares, explosives, or other incendiary devices.
  • No aerosol containers, including sunscreen, pepper spray, bug spray, or spray paint.
  • No balloons, frisbees, projectiles, horns, radios, bells, whistles, musical instruments, laser pointers, sticks, poles, bats, clubs, etc.
  • No items that may be deemed a safety hazard or annoyance to participants or guests.


  • No outside alcoholic beverages.
  • No outside food or beverages.
  • No illegal substances.
  • No glass or metal containers of any kind.

Signage | Advertising | Promotional Materials

  • No distribution of unauthorized promotional or commercial material.
  • No flyers, samples, giveaways, or promotional items.
  • No banners or poles.
  • No signs larger than 11″ x 17″.
  • No political signage.

Electronics | Cameras | Recording Devices

  • No professional or commercial cameras/photography equipment, video cameras, GoPros, audio recording devices, or tripods; no video or audio recording will be allowed (except personal cell phones).
  • No selfie sticks.
  • No drones.
  • No lights or battery packs (the size of a power bank up to the size of a mobile phone is permitted).
  • No two-way radios or walkie-talkies.
  • No laptop computers, tablets, or digital readers.

Subject to change without prior notice. Please check the list of prohibited items again before travelling.

One Way / Re-entry

The concert tickets are ONE WAY. The ticket will be invalidated upon entry to the venue and will not be valid for re-entry.

VIP Tickets / Merchandise shipping

Questions about shipping (shipping-related topics, including return requests, requests for damaged replacements, address updates after the deadline): customerservices@heroesinc.eu

General questions about VIP customer service: vip@tstheerastourvip.com

Box Office

Opening hours (only on the two show days) are from 12:00 PM to approximately 7:30 PM.

Accessibility Information

A limited number of free disabled parking spaces are available in Bienenstrasse. To access them, you need a valid and official disabled parking permit.

The wheelchair accessible entrances are entrances B and C.

Wheelchair users and other disabled individuals who have booked a regular standing or seated ticket are not permitted access to the wheelchair platform.


Lockers are available on the premises in limited numbers. If you arrive by public transportation, we recommend using the lockers at Zurich Main Train Station.


• Mutual Acceptance & Respect.
• Only YES means YES!
• Individual boundaries are respected.
• Discrimination will not be tolerated.

Age Restriction

Children under 6 years old are not recommended to attend the concert. Children and adolescents aged 6 to 14 years old are only permitted entry when accompanied by adults. The organizer disclaims any responsibility and/or liability for physical harm in case of non-compliance.