Radar Festival (EN)

The Radar Festival is a one-day music festival that takes place once a year around the Langstrasse in Zurich, presenting the most promising Swiss and international newcomers in a variety of genres.

Several clubs and locations – all within walking distance from one another – invite the audience to discover up and coming artists and their live shows on various stages within the Langstrasse neighbourhood. The festival was launched in 2018 and has been a sell-out success ever since.

September 16, 2023
More than seven locations around the Langstrasse in Zurich
2000 persons
Arkan45 (AT)
Berq (DE)
Carbonile (CH)
childe (UK)
Dana (CH)
David Caspar (CH)
Dominik Hartz (DE)
Ele A (CH)
Filly (DE)
GB Conte (CH)
Ivo Martin (DE)
Julia Alexa (CH)
Julie Meletta (CH)
Klaus Egger Trio (CH)
M. Byrd (DE)
Mary Middlefield (CH)
Nathalie Froehlich (CH)
Prima Queen (UK)
Souly (DE)
Spill Tab (US)
Talk (CAN)
The Joy Hotel (UK)
Wa22ermann (DE)