FAQ protection measures Covid-19

Last updated on 16/02/2022

From Thursday, 17.02.2022, the mask obligation and certificate obligation at events is lifted throughout Switzerland. All events of Gadget abc Entertainment AG (organizer) are accessible from this date without mask and certificate.

In order to continue to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus, we ask you to get tested in case of symptoms and general feeling of illness, in order to detect an infection early and not to attend the event if no test result is available yet.

For questions and concerns, please reach out to us at info@gadget.ch 

If you were unable to attend the concert because of a positive rapid antigen test result, the promoter is under no obligation to refund the cost of the ticket you purchased. Please check whether the resulting loss is covered by your private insurance.

If you took out ticket insurance when you bought your ticket, the insurer will refund the cost of the ticket upon submission of a doctor’s note (more information, in German only, is available here).