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Sarah Blum info icon
Sarah Blum
Head of Project Management
Concerts & Touring

I’ll solve this case in any case.

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Lars Brauchli
Ticketing Manager
Concerts & Touring

Joined in 2023.

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Seraphin Bunke
Trainee Booking
Barbara Burger info icon
Barbara Burger
Manager Ticketing & Cashless
Festivals & Events

I’ve been infected with festival fever since 1992 and am fascinated by the flexible interplay of the most varied disciplines. Work – leisure – colleagues – friends – family. True love!

Sarah Christener info icon
Sarah Christener
Artist Manager

I like punk and cats. But what I love even more is to work artists from all over Switzerland, to interact with their works, and to experience the emotions. To sum it up: Music above all, always.

Philippe Cornu info icon
Philippe Cornu
Project Manager Festivals
Head of Events

In 1974, at the tender age of 14 while attending a Rolling Stones concert in Bern I realised: This will become my world! Organising concerts, bringing people together, creating collective experiences, spreading joy.

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Claudia Egger
Financial Accountant

Joined in 2023.

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Lina Fessler
Trainee Artist & Label Management

If you’re happy doing what you’re doing, nobody can tell you you’re not successful – Harry Styles

Pascal Frei info icon
Pascal Frei
Manager Marketing & Communications
Festivals & Events

Whether the stage is small or large, whether I’m listening via headphones or loudspeakers, whether I’m at a festival, in a club, at home, or on the road: I’m always in search of the next musical revelation.

Nora Fuchs info icon
Nora Fuchs
Head of Marketing & Communications
Festivals & Events

That tingling feeling when the festival opens its doors, the first sounds from the stage, radiant faces and dancing people coming together. Goosebumps. Heightened awareness. That’s why I pour my heart and soul into this.

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Benedikt Geisseler
Project Manager
Concerts & Touring

Always looking for something new, or as DJ Bobo once said: «A little melody keeps spinning on my mind tonight. I gotcha! It’s the song about Chihuahua.»



Monika Germani info icon
Monika Germani
Payroll Manager / Accounts Receivable/Payable Accountant, Human Resources

OpenAir St. Gallen, since 1991, a major benchmark at barely 18 years of age. Juggling numbers is great fun in such a lively environment. A life without festivals, concerts, encounters – unimaginable!

Nadine Galli info icon
Nadine Galli
Project Manager
Concerts & Touring

Addicted to music, concerts and all the beautiful mess around it since 2007!

Daytona Häusermann info icon
Daytona Häusermann
Booking Manager
Concerts & Touring

Joined in 2016.

Priska Hettich info icon
Priska Hettich
Head of Accounting Group & Festivals

A dancing, singing, happy wave of people moves my heart deeply. And exploring nature with my animals nourishes my soul. Typical bookkeeper!

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Andrea Hollenstein
Office & Event Manager

Joined in 2023.

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Christof Huber
Director Festivals & Events

In 1993 a dream became true: I changed my career, joined the OpenAir St. Gallen, and turned my hobbies into my profession. The most beautiful aspect? The encounters with many great people from all over the world.

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Raoul Hüppi
Artist Manager

A picture is worth a thousand words!

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Melanie Hutter
Head of Accounting Concerts & Artists
Im Team seit 2021
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Rahel Inauen
Project Manager
Festivals & Events

If the sun don’t find you, keep dancing in the rain – Amistat

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Jonas Jost
Booking Manager
Im Team seit 2024
Olivier Joye info icon
Olivier Joye
Head of Booking
Concerts & Touring

Zero mistakes at the bike-riding exam, 100% positive reviews at the Ricardo auction site.

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Lara Juker
Sales Manager Hospitality & Events

A life without music? Unthinkable.

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Fruzsina Kemény
Manager Cashless & Access
Festivals & Events

Since 2005 have I been in the event industry, working in several fields – ticketing, production, cashless and managing AV techniques. The festival scene has always been special to me. After 4 summers with OpenAir St. Gallen as an external collaborator, I`m happy to finally be part of the cashless team of Gadget in St. Gallen.

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Joshua Kneubühler
Trainee IT & Administration

Your advertisement could be placed here!

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Eric Kramer
Managing Partner
Director Business Operations

I began organising concerts while still in secondary school. It soon became apparent: I’ll turn this passion into my profession. In 1994, I founded the Gadget agency. The rest is history. A history full of passion!

Bianca Krucker info icon
Bianca Krucker
Project Manager
Festivals & Events

Concerts are very emotional events for me. It is nice to see how so many different people come together in this way.

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Leyla Majdalani
Office Manager

From fast bass, German rap bangers to 80s indie rock: music is a constant companion in my life.

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Jessica Manhart
Project Manager
Concerts & Touring
Brigitte Meier info icon
Brigitte Meier
Accounts Receivable/Payable Accountant

Numbers are my forte, and accounting offers a wide range of tasks. Performance indicators tell stories, as does music. I really enjoy working in such a diverse industry.

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Leonie Meier
Trainee Booking

Used to skip school for concerts, turned concerts into my profession.

Désirée Messmer info icon
Désirée Messmer
Manager Staff & Volunteers
Festivals & Events

If I find myself in the midst of thousands of people surrounded by captivating music, I’m happy. To convey this feeling to others gives me the greatest joy.

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Anica Mirosavljevic
Ticketing Manager
Concerts & Touring

it always works somehow.

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Jennifer Moosmann
Head of F&B
Festivals & Events

I would move mountains for good food, a crisp draft beer and good live music – what better task could there be than to help create exactly these unforgettable moments for our audience.

Cindy Müller info icon
Cindy Müller
Label Manager

Behind the scenes since 2001.

Sherlyn Müller info icon
Sherlyn Müller
Brand Partnerships Manager

All these people with the same passion and all those incredible moments – I wouldn’t want to miss it.

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Nicolas Müller
Trainee Festivals & Events

Part-time job, full-time passion

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Daniel Plüss
Head of Controlling & Reporting

Don’t cook the books, just turn the page for a new chapter. Keep striving and be kind!

Jeannette Riesen info icon
Jeannette Riesen
Manager Marketing & Communications
Festivals & Events

Music, events, and many emotions. That’s what I love!

Pascal Rötheli info icon
Pascal Rötheli
Production Manager Festivals
Event Manager

Punk rock and ska, these are my roots. Then came a few initial concerts, first on a small scale, then for clubs and festivals. My musical spectrum has become bigger, but the joy has remained.

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Oliver Rosa
Managing Partner
Director Artists & Brands

Around the turn of the millennium, Mike Skinner of The Streets rapped: “Let’s Push Things Forward”. The same kind of passion has driven me for the past 20 years. Because Skinner is also in on another secret: “None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive”.

Jan Schönenberger info icon
Jan Schönenberger
Reporting & Controlling

Music touches and connects people. I know that from my own experience as a player of the hammered dulcimer. To be a part of this creative process brings me great joy.

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Daniela Schwarz
Manager People & Organization

In 1984 Duran Duran released their live album „Arena“. I was just 10 years young and was mesmerized… Since then, my inner compass passionately follows music, live business and vinyl records…

Sandra Schweizer info icon
Sandra Schweizer
Booking Manager
Concerts & Touring

Standing in front of the stage, watching all those dancing and singing people celebrate together in a sold-out arena – what can be more beautiful than those unforgettable moments?

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Anna Senn
Trainee Communication /Sponsoring
Festivals & Events

Music and people, two of my greatest passions – here I find the perfect combination of both.

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Cyrill Stadler
Director Finance

Ever since the OpenAir St. Gallen has become a fixed part of my life in the early 1990’s, the music industry has taken a hold of me. A matter of the heart!

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Sophie Stempner
Business Development Manager
Marion Streit info icon
Marion Streit
Process Manager
Concerts & Touring

In 1995, the founders of Gadget allowed me to take a glance behind the scenes. I was immediately captivated. As promised, I returned to the Gadget team after a trip around the world, and I have been there ever since.

Hannah Thurner info icon
Hanna Thurner
Project Manager
Concerts & Touring

Be nice.

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Fabia Ulrich
Trainee Festival & Events

I am very family oriented and love to spend time with my friends and family. In my free time I am often on the football field and play football in the club.

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Chris Wepfer
Consultant Gadget Records

Happy to help out after all these years together.

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Caroline Wiprächtiger
Production Manager / Manager Staff & Volunteers
Festivals & Events

Forgetting everyday life for a moment and diving into another world. This is exactly why I love concerts & festivals. This is exactly why I love what I do.

Fabienne Wolfschläger info icon
Fabienne Wolfschläger
Head of Content
Festivals & Events

Half of the streamings of The National are due to me, and the Sittertobel has been my home away from home since the tender age of 15. Also: a distinct weakness for quiet tones and goosebump moments under an open sky.

Stefan Wyss info icon
Stefan Wyss
Director Concerts & Touring

As a child, I decided that I’d join the circus when I was grown up. I got close!

Who We Are

We are the largest fullservice agency in the Swiss music and event industry, organising and promoting concerts and festivals. We are committed to creating unforgettable live moments for a large, interested audience as well as to take up the careers of our artists in an early stage, develop them together and establish in a long term.

We may be many individuals, but we consider ourselves one team, working closely and passionately together to create a common vision. This is why our employees continuously hone their skills because it is the only way to jointly achieve greatness.

We believe in talents and the importance of individual advancement and encouragement. We are committed to accompanying young artists along their paths and are always there when questions arise.

As professional and trusted partners, the requirements of our stakeholders are close to our hearts. We are close to our employees, the audiences, the artists, and our business partners – at the pulse of life.

In this dynamic environment we act swiftly, always with the customer in mind and adhering to the highest standards of quality. Creativity and innovation are the pillars of our work.

We are committed to tolerance, acceptance, and cultural diversity. Everything we do is based on social responsibility and fairness towards our fellow human beings and our environment. To us, sustainability means to act in an ecologically, socially, and economically conscious fashion.

We see ourselves as ambassadors of an open Switzerland and a peaceful Europe. We support the solidarity among all people, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or origin.

Facts & Figures

  • Employees: 48
  • Company locations: Zurich, St.Gallen, Bern
  • Number of shows per year: approx. 500
  • Own festivals: 6 (Openair St.Gallen, SummerDays, Seaside Festival, Unique Moments, Radar Festival, Spex Festival)


One thing is certain: our success story goes way back! It is the story of five protagonists who have found each other to join forces and unify their impressive experiences and passion together with a motivated team.

The first Openair St. Gallen took place in 1977. Christof Huber was 7 years old back then and never would have thought that someday he would decisively shape this legendary festival as its director. Based on his initiative, the Swiss Wepromote enterprises joined forces in 2015. Today, Huber manages the company’s festival activities in addition to managing Yourope, the Association of European Festivals. In 2007, his long-term companion Cyrill Stadler quit his banking career in order to dedicate his flair for numbers and quick wit for the benefit of the Swiss festival scene.

In 1994, Eric Kramer finished high school and immediately laid the foundation for today’s Gadget abc Entertainment Group of which he is the Business Director and Managing Partner. The agency soon became a management and booking leader. Due to the close cooperation with several Swiss musicians, it did not take long for the company’s very own label Gadget Records (including a publishing house) to follow suit, and first consulting mandates in the area of entertainment marketing came shortly afterwards. In 2005, the former club promoter and full-blooded event organiser Stefan Wyss joined the company, established the company’s live entertainment division and continuously expanded it, leading up to today’s role as manager of the Concert & Touring division. The corner stones for the new 360-degree business model were laid long before it even became “en vogue” in the industry.

Oliver Rosa, former manager of Warner Music Switzerland and founder as well as long-time producer of the Swiss Music Awards, joined Gadget in 2018. Together with Eric Kramer he acts as the company’s Managing Partner. He is the head of the Artists & Creation division that is not only dedicated to promoting the careers of a multitude of artists, but also makes use of Gadget’s enormous expertise in the areas of marketing, events, and hospitality.

The Berne office continues to benefit from many years’ worth of experience by Philippe Cornu who organised his first open air festival at the Schadaupark in Thun in 1986 and then moved on to organise the Gurtenfestival for 28 years. He also contributes his vast expertise in the areas of events and hospitality.

Finally, in early 2020, the companies that had been successfully cooperating under the Wepromote umbrella for several years (OpenAir St. Gallen, several other festivals as well as partner agencies among them) joined forces with Gadget and CTS Eventim. The European market leader as major shareholder contributed the business of the abc group to the new company that henceforth became known as Gadget abc Entertainment Group AG.

This completes the circle of the five partners and their long-term close associates. As industry experts in a variety of fields and passionate music fans, they are the new market leaders, committed to jointly providing musical experiences in the areas of live entertainment (shows & touring), festivals, artist management (including label & publishing), event management, hospitality, as well as brand partnerships (marketing, consulting, and activation).



Are you interested in becoming part of our team? You are welcome to send us an unsolicited application to:

Our friends at All in One Communication are looking for a Project Manager 80-100% (f/m/d) to start immediately or by arrangement.


Zürich (main office)

Gadget abc Entertainment Group AG
Lagerstrasse 119
8004 Zürich | Switzerland

St.Gallen (branch office)

Gadget abc Entertainment Group AG
Heiligkreuzstrasse 9
9008 St. Gallen | Switzerland


Gadget abc Entertainment Group AG
Thunstrasse 17
3005 Bern | Switzerland